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Langenes AS exports the best of Norwegian natural resources. Norwegian seafood is associated with the qualities desired by the global market. Good fish health. Clean ocean.

Sustainable use of raw materials. Technology and expertise. Coast is built on these qualities.

Our seafood products include salmon and trout produced along the Norwegian coastline, from Hordaland to Troms. We produce our organic salmon in Flakkstadvåg on the island of Senja. Cod, haddock and pollock are fished in the seas off the entire Norwegian coast. In Åskollen we produce mackerel and herring in our own factory. We supply both fresh and frozen seafood, as well as processed products.

Our biggest product is fresh salmon, but we also supply frozen and organic salmon as well as fresh and frozen trout. Our portfolio includes Value Added Products (VAP). We sell approximately 10 000 tonnes of pelagic fish per year. Production of whitefish is in a start-up phase, and we expect to sell about 2 000 tonnes 2018.

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Food Security

Langenes AS exports seafood equivalent to approximately 100 000 meals every day. In order to ensure quality and healthy products, it is essential to have good food security, tracing, fish welfare and sustainable production. This is part of our philosophy.

One of Norwegian seafood export’s major advantages is its good reputation, but it is not enough to have a clean ocean and sustainable natural resources without documentable routines.


Langenes AS will always aspire to the strictest food security standards in the world. We have MSC certification for pelagic fish, while our organic salmon is certified by Debia and Krav, and we have GAP global certification in order to ensure sustainable production of salmon and trout.

Vision & Values

Langenes AS has a set of values. These are important for us and are part of our identity. With a solid local base and an active view on the world, our values are a common platform for everyone working at Langenes AS:


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