Greenland Halibut

Reinhardtius hippoglossus


North Atlantic / FAO 27
Caught by trawl and longline

Frozen at sea (FAS)

Headed / Gutted, collarbone off (J-cut), main size gradings:
0,5-1 kg
1-2 kg
2-3 kg
3-5 kg

Whole Round:
0,4-0,7 kg
0,7-1 kg

Heads, collarbone on (straight cut):
0,4 kg-
0,4 kg+
Mix size (Ocean run)

Land frozen

Headed / Gutted, collarbone on (N-cut), main size gradings:
1 kg-
1-2 kg
2-3 kg

Heads, collarbone off (V-cut):
0,3 kg-
0,3-0,5 kg
0,5 kg+



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